We got our patent!!

The Most Advanced Ice Fishing Tip Up Yet!

Watch the video below to learn what’s in the box and the various tip-up features.


The FishOly Difference

FishOly puts the fun back in fishing and makes it easier than ever before!


Benefits & Testimonials

The FishOly Ice Fishing Tip Up is so easy to use and so advanced that you won’t need your conventional tip-ups any longer.  Click Here to view the testimonials and advanced features.


It’s Easy To Use

  • Strike activated flashing lights and sounds
  • Design that feels more like a traditional rod and reel fishing pole
  • Ability to remove the rod from the base
  • Ability to use the reel of your choice
  • Ability to quickly change reels
  • Ability to set the strike sensitivity
  • A built in tackle box
  • Interchangeable color light pipes