About Us

Why did we call this FishOly?

My dad, Oly, and I have been avid ice fishermen for many years. The FishOly is literally designed by ice fishermen for ice fishermen. This design is dedicated to my hero – my Dad. Thus, the name FishOly.


Why did we build the FishOly?



As avid ice fishermen, we enjoy going to the ice to relax and catch fish. However, when day turned to night… the entertainment turned to effort. Night-time darkness meant we had to leave our warm shanty armed with flashlights to go check our old tip-ups for strikes. Also, it wasn’t uncommon to leave behind a rig or two in the dark because we couldn’t find them. We also didn’t care for the small fishing line spools that don’t offer rapid line retrieval, a drag system to fight fish, or the ability to quickly swap out light test line for heavy test line. We thought there had to be a better way!

So we put our heads together, consulted with other ice fishermen, and built several prototypes over the last two years. We feel that we have created the ultimate ice fishing tip-up. These units signal you of a strike with bright LED lights and also with sounds. Go ahead and stay warm and cozy in your shanty. You only need to peek out to see if you have a bite – no light… no bite. A small nightlight stays on from the time you turn the unit on to when you turn it off (which aids in locating tip-ups in the dark). We’ve tested the units and the nightlight offers very little battery drain. The nightlights have run for hundreds of hours on a single set of AA batteries so don’t worry about it being on all night. Add the ability to quickly change out fishing reels, set the drag, control the bite sensitivity, and the ability to jig or fish tip-up style and you’ve got the FishOly!

These units are made of polycarbonate material; the same material used in bullet resistant glass. The units are offered in bright florescent colors and the light pipes are made out of bright Dayglow material which makes them easy to see day or night. These tip-ups look good and are tough.

FishOly puts the fun back in fishing!