About Us

Why FishOly?

My dad and I have been avid ice fishermen for many years. This company is inspired by my enjoyment of ice fishing and my love for my dad, Oly.  Ice fishing plus Oly… FishOly! 


Why did we build the Strike-N-Light?  Because it would sure be nice if…

Ice fishing is an enjoyable sport, but there are some things that can make the fun meter go down.  When I would ice fish with Dad, we’d dream up things that would improve the ice fishing experience.  Gee, it’d sure be nice if… 

  • It would sure be nice to be able to stay in our cozy shanty and know if we need to check our tip-ups or not.
  • It would sure be nice to be able to find our tip-ups easier when its time to go home.  (It wasn’t uncommon to leave a few rigs on the ice because we couldn’t find them in the dark with our flashlights.)
  • It would sure be nice to be able to reel line up faster and change out the line to different tests more easily.

The list went on…    We thought, there’s got to be a better way!

So we put our heads together, consulted with other ice fishermen, and started building prototypes. We feel that we have created the ultimate ice fishing tip-up. The Strike-N-Light checks off the items on our wish list. 

FishOly keeps the “fun” in ice fishing!