So what makes the Strike-N Light different?

Built In Lights and Sound

The unit will alert you with lights and sound when tipped.  It will continue to signal until you turn it off - unlike a bell clipped to your rig.  Never miss a strike again!

Colored Flags

Four different colored light pipes are included in the package.  Easily change colors, no tools required.  You can fish with one color and your buddy can use another.  It easy to know which tip-ups are yours.

Durable Polycarbonate Material

 Polycarbonate material makes these tip-ups super strong.  We froze a base and then ran over it with a 4-wheeler and it didn't brake.  Rest assured, these units can withstand  the wear and tear of many ice fishing seasons.

Use the Reel of Your Choice

Because you can use a traditional reel rather than a small spool like some tip-ups, you can set the drag.  You can easily change reels that are loaded with different weight line. 

Control Sensitivity

The hood and nut reel holders allow you to place a reel anywhere along the threaded rod.  If you want a light strike to tip the unit, place the reel slightly forward.  If you want a heavy strike (or if using live bait), place the reel slightly back.  You can also set the rig to "free spool" by wrapping the line around the rod tip twice and press the release on the spool.

Separate Reel Holder From Base

 You can remove the top piece from the base to jig or fight a fish.  It's a whole new game to fight a fish without the bend of a rod.  When you're ready to go back to a tip-up, just snap it back on the base. 

Built In Tackle Box and Ruler

The base features a built in tackle box.  Always have extra tackle at each hole. The box is also a great place for your identification information.  The base has a 20 inch ruler which is handy if you're fishing a slot limit species.

Innovative Design

Innovation and technology.  Our patented design means that there's nothing else like it on the ice. 

Made in America

(enough said)

We just want you to know...

  • The rod guide eyelet is made of stainless steel with ceramic ring
  • The Fuji hood and nut reel holders are made of ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • The Torx head screws are stainless steel
  • The buttons are made of UV resistant silicone
  • The printed circuit boards are coated with nanotechnology 

We sincerely hope you enjoy our product.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Jerry and Diana Olson.  Creators of the Strike-N-Light by FishOly.

Jerry and Diana Olson. Creators of the Strike-N-Light by FishOly.