The FishOly Difference

Unique features of the Strike-N-Light tip-up include:

FishOly TipUp-5

  • Strike activated flashing lights and sounds
  • Feel of a traditional rod and reel fishing pole
  • Easily remove the rod from the base
  • Use the reel of your choice
  • Quickly change reels
  • Set the strike sensitivity
  • A built in tackle box
  • Interchangeable light pipes of different colors
  • A 20″ ruler on the base helps you determine if your fish is within a slot limit

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Lights and Sounds

You control the color of the light and number of the signals (flashes/beeps).

To change colors, simply unscrew one color of light pipe and screw in another; no tools necessary. In a small group, you may have the blue light pipes and your buddy has the green light pipes. In a large group, you can add the ability to identify your rig by listening to the sound. Your rigs may be blue with five beeps. Your buddy may have blue with two beeps. Choose from four light pipe colors and up to nine signals. The unit will flash/beep however many times you set it for, then pause, then signal that many times again. Signals continue until you turn them off. You can set the unit to just flash, or just beep, or both.

  • Interchangeable 6” light pipes will be offered in 4 bright glowing colors – green, blue, red, and yellow. 
  • The Strike-N-Light tip-up will be offered in black/chartreuse.  

Feel of a traditional fishing pole

Strike-N-Light TipUp-2The Strike-N-Light tip-up is like a miniature fishing rod.

The Strike-N-Light feels more like a traditional fishing pole with a traditional reel. This design allows you to use pretty much any reel you like but we feel low profile reels work best.  Removing the rod from the base allows you to not only fight a fish but also allows you to jig with it. When you get tired of jigging simply put it back on the base and it’s a tip-up again. The base has cleats to help grip the ice.   It’s a lot of fun to fight a fish without the bulk of the base. The rod snaps off the base with a firm tug.  To place the rod back on the base, give it a firm push and it will stay solidly in place.

Change Reels QuicklyFishOly TipUp-7

Enjoy fishing for a variety of fish species with no hassles.

You can load several reels with different test line then easily switch out reels when you decide to fish for a different kind of fish. You can use just about any reel you want. Hood and nut reel holders secure the reel. Now it’s easy to go from crappies to lake trout when you’re out on the ice. One benefit of a traditional reel that we are really excited about is that you can set the drag which can allow for a lot more fish “on the ice” rather than another “one that got away”. 

Set strike sensitivityFishOly TipUp-2

Control whether a nibble or a serious strike will tip the unit.

The reel acts like a counter weight which allows you to set the sensitivity of the strike needed to activate the tip-up. The length of the rod is threaded which allows you to place your reel at any point along the rod. Moving the reel forward toward the eyelet increases the sensitivity and a slight nibble will activate the tip-up. Moving the reel back toward the bait box decreases the sensitivity and the tip-up will only tip if you have a heavier strike.  You can also add a weight to the hook keeper eyelet.  This works great if you’re using live bait.  The unit won’t tip unless you get a serious strike!

Built in tackle boxFishOly TipUp-8

You no longer have to tote your main tackle box to each hole.

When you check your line, you may find you need to replace a weight or lure.  Now extra tackle is right there at each unit.


Made In America

It feels good to buy American!

The tip-up components are made in Riverton Wyoming by Legacy Molding.  They are assembled and sold in Lander Wyoming by FishOly.