“My ice fishing world just got a whole lot easier.”  That’s the number one thing we hear on the ice from people that have tried the Strike-N-Light.  One of the best things about this new tip-up is you can stay warm in your shanty until you know you have a strike. 

I can’t tell you the number of times me and my friends have been all cozy, dozing in the ice hut, and we hear the horn sound off and we jump up; we look like pop tarts coming out of a toaster.  We have had no trouble hearing the horn.  No more drawing straws to see who has to go out to check our tip-ups at night.  Now we can glance from the comfort of our shanty and see if a rig has tipped and we know who’s rig it is.  If you fish with your spouse, this feature could be nick-named “the marriage saver!”